Having large breasts that are disproportionate to one’s body can cause various complications and can often have adverse effects on one’s life. Neck and shoulder pain are a prominent concern for many women, as carrying the extra weight results in additional strain. Excess moisture can become trapped under the breasts, causing rashes. The extra weight on one’s chest may make it difficult to breathe while lying down. Large breasts can also make exercising more difficult as well as painful, adding even more of a challenge to losing weight.

Even everyday occurrences can prove difficult with large, pendulous breasts. Because of the weight of heavy breasts, indentations, or shoulder grooving, may occur due to the compression of bra straps into the shoulder area. Women with very large breasts have likely spent several hundred dollars on custom support bras without much benefit.

I could not be happier. The whole experience has been a good one. Dr. Ravi did as we had discussed and answered all questions on the procedure. Nothing went unanswered. I am extremely happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Ravi, and I already have!


Breast reduction can help many Houston women who have these complaints, with surgery offering the possibility of completely curing these symptoms. For some, breast reduction surgery can be covered by insurance. Typically, the process involves submitting photos to your insurance company along with a letter of medical necessity once the patient is evaluated in the doctor’s office and cleared for surgery. Approval by the insurance company can take as little as one to four weeks. Once surgery has been approved and the patient undergoes breast reduction surgery, the majority of patients will notice an alleviation of neck and back pain almost immediately. After the normal post-operative pain fades, patients will notice that their chronic discomfort has subsided for the first time in years.

The operation takes approximately three to four hours and most patients can go home the same day with a responsible adult. Though every patient heals differently, this surgery is not particularly painful, and most women experience minimal discomfort that lasts for only a few days. The average patient may see a reduction of 1-3 cup sizes, but a specific target cup size cannot be guaranteed as each patient is different.

Imagine having anywhere from 1 to 6 pounds of heavy breast tissue removed from your chest, and you will understand how life-changing this operation can be. Breast reductions have helped many Houston women reclaim their pain-free lives.

Questions to Ask

  • Are you suffering from neck, shoulder, or back pain?
  • Do you feel your large breasts make it difficult to exercise?
  • Do you suffer from indentations on your shoulder from bra straps?
  • Do you wear expensive custom bras to support your breasts?
  • Do you feel that the weight of your breasts makes it difficult to sleep at night on your back?
  • Do you experience uncomfortable moisture under your breasts that causes rashes?
  • Do you visit your OB/GYN or primary care doctor to be treated for rashes under the breasts with medication?