Many patients suffer from excess abdominal skin that hangs over their pubic area. This excess skin is referred to as a pannus, and a panniculectomy is the operation to remove this. Patients who have had surgical weight loss, such as bypass surgery, or those who have lost weight with diet and exercise may experience or suffer from this. Patients typically state that they continue to exercise but are unable to lose the excess skin and fat deposits in that particular area. This occurs because the previously existing fat has been lost or lessened; however, the excess skin remains and can only be removed surgically.

This can significantly affect a person’s activities of daily living as well as present difficulty with fitting into normal clothes. Some patients also experience lower back pain and rashes under the extra skin; others contract more serious infections requiring medical treatment with topical and oral antibiotics. Anywhere from 3-10 pounds of skin and fat can be surgically removed, but this varies from patient to patient. After the procedure, there should be significant improvement of lower back pain, the ability to wear regular clothes, and the ability to resume normal activities.

“I had a consultation with him and after taking one look at me he saw that I would be a prime candidate for a panniculectomy/tummy tuck. I had so much fat in my midsection and it prevented me from exercising and having a normal life. I was very limited. The Dr. and staff took pictures and submitted a letter to my insurance. I was approved for the panniculectomy and paid the additional cost for the tummy tuck, and it was worth every penny I spent.”


During the initial consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon, we will take photos of the area with excess skin and will send them, along with a letter of medical necessity, to the insurance company. Depending upon these two factors, most insurance companies will cover the cost of the skin removal surgery. Typically, it takes 1-4 weeks for approval, but this varies per insurance carrier.

If you experience any of these issues, please call our office today to set up a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon. You could well be on your way to a firmer tummy and finally fit better in all of your clothes!

Questions to Ask

  • Have you lost significant weight with diet and exercise?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the way your clothes fit over your tummy?
  • Do you experience rashes, infections, or discomfort underneath the skin fold of your tummy?
  • Do you experience lower back pain?
  • Do you have a previous C-section scar that is painful or unsightly?
  • Have you lost significant weight with a surgical bypass procedure, lap band, or sleeve gastrectomy?